Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Finally ArtFest 5 is underway

Managed to get a new place at last that could house us and so the creativity began.  Almost all works are finished, and you can head here to wander and vote on what you like: ArtFest entry

If you are wondering what is out there so far, you can see a few snaps here: Snapshots

18th to 26th March 2018 is our Festival week, where we have singers, musicians, story tellers and performers entertaining.  New people are welcome to come and share their skills, just pop in and say hi and we can sort out a spot on the schedule.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

ArtFest 4

Here we go again, and here is what we are doing it for:

Ok, so what did we miss?

I am sooo bad at this blog stuff.  It is just like the last thing on my list and the list is always so long, so I never get to it.  Well update time, what has happened...

Pictures from Conception are here: Burn2 Conception

Following this was Burn2 Caravansary the big event in October.  Sadly that one was lots of work doing all I could to have as much done as possible before I went away right before it started.  I saw none of the fruits of my labour and I felt bad there was some things I still did not get sorted.  It was a good team for the most part though and I heard some good things.
6 Sims to plan and plot, love that part.  Lots of people to place, could always go better than it does, but to do it better you have to push them for more details etc and that does not make for a happy feel, so we have a trade off.

Rainbows and an impossible train that acted like a rollercoaster, yep, Feast time once more.

To finish off the year was Santalarity, what's in the box?  Lets get away from one of the most commercial times of the year that is meant to be anything but.  So I sprinkled snow across the playa, everywhere but one little corner.  In that one little area was sand, and grass and a tiny part to try and remind people there are other parts to the world.  There was also 3 cute little penguins which some people never realise are only in the southern hemisphere and many are nowhere near snow.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My film project

I have taken on a new HUGE project, and to get it pushed along a bit I am actually putting things out into the universe, which I have not done before, and actually feel a bit greedy for.  Still, I figure I have put in a lot over the years so maybe it is not so bad to at least ask.  So if you want to have a look at what I am working on (but you don't have to contribute), head here to the crowd funding thing and see my video Not just another love story  It is going to take me a little while and a lot of learning, but I have no doubt I will get there.  If anyone reading this likes it, please do the FaceBook thing to continue passing the message along, maybe it will eventually reach someone who has a little money lol.

Burn2 Conception 2014

Well as always, busy busy busy. working on Burn2 Conception and rapidly heading towards the big one in October.  For conception I had to turn the playa into a sort of moonscape and each of the artists are set up in creators.  I will hopefully get some photos up on flicker soon to show the great artwork.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ArtFest 3 a month along

Well things are looking fantastic on the Sim, now we just need the people, and I don't mean the artists.   So far we have 18 artists 20 art spots taken up, with more still to come.  But we need people to actually come and look, and vote for the artwork and help raise funds for charity.
For that, we need people to pass the word, one on one, post to allowed lists, blogs, anywhere you can think of that will help and be ok.  Normally for an event like this you get a good crowd, by getting into the Destination Guide.  Sadly I have not managed to get LL to feature us in any way, so if you have methods to get us known, then folks, please do it.
So far one of the best places we have been featured is

So what is there at ArtFest anyway?
Well of course there is the art and its creators
Lots of little spots scattered all about to relax in
A fabulous train ride that takes you past just about everything
A little Fair
A treasure hunt

Promote one thing, promote all, share what you think of every thing :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

ArtFest 3!

Finally another ArtFest and once again all proceeds go to the Red Cross/Crescent, via their Everyday Heros program.  An entire Sim filled with art and little relaxation spots.
It will be running until February, those that can blog, I would love if you did, so if you want more details contact me in SL (Huntress Catteneo) or via email (


Well went straight from RFL into BURN2, the Burning Man regional in Second Life.  Sadly I could not get my video working this year, but I got a few pics during the mad pace of things.  I was responsible for the layout this time, so I was interested to see what people thought.  I also put a few measures in place to combat lag, which seem to have worked quite well.
Once again I met and touched base with a load of great people.

These are the teaser shots I did for those not on the player during the build phase.  These are meant to keep people interested in getting in when it finally starts: BURN2 teasers

Then these snapshots were when things started, when people met at town hall, and then later purchased their lots to build on:The beginning

Other pics to follow.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Always mean to get over here and update this, and then something else comes up and once more it's takes a backseat.
So what has happened?
Feast, Equinox, Colour event, SL Birthday, BURN2 Conception, Relay For Life, and Training Camp to name but a few.  I have tried to make an effort to take some pictures for a change, which you can find on my flicker account in various sets Flickr Snapshots  Hopefully that link will work, as I post this, Flickr is down so I can't check.  With that in mind, I will post a couple of pics here so you can at least see those.

RFL 1/2 a sim of outside landscaping but more proud of my sculpture.

Equinox, Dove's Dove Tree